About Us

Welcome to Health Law in Canada (“HLCJ”), a successful publication that has been in existence since 1979. It is published by Lexis Nexis Canada Inc.

Due to the evolving nature of health law in Canada, HLCJ is being revamped to target a diverse national audience. Specifically, the goals of Health Law in Canada are to:

(1) increase diversity in authorship and encourage collaborations;
(2) encourage diverse readership across healthcare, legal and government/policy sectors;
(3) stimulate innovation in the health sector;
(4) ensure relevance to the health sector; and
(5) include content that is current, forward thinking and that shapes the future of health law in Canada.

We publish original legal articles and non-analytical articles including: practice-based articles; health law related news domestically and internationally; case comments related to law and health; letters to the editor; updates regarding major career changes; book reviews; and upcoming events.

Although we are a legal publication, we encourage submissions from the non-legal healthcare community, government and corporate institutions. HLCJ is published four times a year, in February, May, August and November. In the future, conferences or seminars may be planned with specific editions. Each publication contains approximately 32 pages (16,000 words).

With a new editorial board, an advisory board of past board members and expert reviewers with specific knowledge on healthcare issues, HLCJ will ensure that each article meets first-rate standards for publication.

We encourage your submissions for our next publication!