Author Submission

Health Law in Canada (“HLCJ”) is a Canadian-based publication, which has been in existence since 1979. Our readership consists of inter-disciplinary health professionals and health lawyers in Canada and around the world.

We publish original legal articles and non-analytical articles. Although we are a legal publication, we encourage submissions from the non-legal healthcare community, government and corporate institutions.

Publication – Calendar

HLCJ is published 4 times a year:

• February (article due date, November 1)
• May (article due date, February 15)
• August (article due date, May 15)
• November (article due date, August 15)

Each publication contains approximately 32 pages (16,000 words)

From time to time, HLCJ may publish issues on particular subject matters. If so, a ‘Call for Submissions’ will take place and any unrelated articles will be published in a subsequent edition.

Guidelines for Submission

All manuscripts should be submitted in Word format by email to:

Required Submission
1. Abstract
2. Title
3. Names, addresses, affiliations for each author, and an email address for the corresponding author
4. A declaration of the author(s)’ competing interests (if any)
5. Acknowledgement indicating that the author(s) have not plagiarized any part of the article

Text for Submission
6. 11.5 pt. font
7. Left justified, double-spaced paragraphs
8. Endnotes (no footnotes)
9. No more than two (2) typefaces; if those typefaces are not in the LexisNexis system, they will be substituted as follows: serif font → Times New Roman and sans serif font → Helvetica
10. Page size set to 8 ´ 11 /12 inches
11. Any tables, photographs, charts and other diagrams will be edited and formatted to conform to HLCJ and LexisNexis standards.

Types of Articles Accepted

Original Legal Analysis
These articles must contain in-depth legal analysis about a particular health related issue, domestically or internationally. Articles must contain sound legal arguments with supporting analysis. Articles can be neutral and include discussion on different points of view or they can take an adversarial approach and advocate for or against a particular position.

Original Multi-disciplinary Analysis
These articles must contain a quasi-legal analysis in addition to a substantive analysis in a related cross-disciplinary field i.e. policy, bioethics, economics. Articles can be neutral and include discussion on different points of view or they can take an adversarial approach and advocate for or against a particular position.

Practice-based Articles
These articles aim to provide lawyers and non-lawyers with useful practical tips in the area of health law. They can be educational, descriptive and technical in nature, i.e. ‘how to administer a hospital effectively’, ‘how to draft data sharing agreements’, ‘how to implement electronic medical records in a clinic’.

Current Affairs
These articles are structured around three central areas as follows:

1. We encourage readers to submit short updates or news articles on current issues. For instance, readers can provide updates on recent legislative amendments or government, hospital or corporate decisions. In addition to being factual, these submissions must also contain a short analysis of the issue and its impact. We encourage these short (500 words or less) updates or news articles to be provided as close to the submission deadline as possible in order to be relevant.

2. Movers and Shakers:
A section consisting of professionals that have made career changes within healthcare, government, firms, corporations and other institutions. We encourage members in the community to provide us with notices and short descriptions of the career move and we will publish it in the corresponding section.

A section consisting of interviews with the ‘mover and shaker.’ We encourage an interesting question and answer dialogue for publication.

3. We encourage our readers to submit information regarding any upcoming events or conferences in health or law. Please keep in mind that HLCJ is published quarterly. As a result, informing us well in advance of the date is preferred. We will publish the information in the upcoming publication.

Articles will not be considered if they contain language that is offensive, abusive, or that violates the rights of any third party.

Case comments
These articles must provide an analysis of a recently decided court decision related to health. Legal decisions with a loose affiliation to health may also be accepted. The articles should contain the facts, a brief overview of the legal proceedings, an analysis and how the decision will impact the community.

Letters to the Editor (Opinion-Based)
Letters or articles may be submitted in response to a recently published article in HLCJ or on general health law related matters. Letters are meant to be insightful, provide food for thought and also foster healthy debate.

Book review
These reviews must be based on either a new or old, but useful book that is of benefit to the community.