Blog: A new post on vaccination

A new post on vaccination in our new Blog section on the website. Enjoy!

A report published in Science last week suggests that the measles outbreak could cause more deaths in West Africa than the already reported 10,000 caused by Ebola. Dr. Marie Thérèse Guigui, UNICEF’s health specialist for measles and epidemics has reported that Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia – the hardest hit by Ebola – are showing a reduction in immunization rates since the outbreak began due to health care disruptions. “Even our least pessimistic scenario of a 25-per-cent reduction [in measles vaccinations] would be expected to result in tens of thousands of additional cases and between 500-4,000 additional deaths [beyond those caused by Ebola],” says Justin Lessler, co-author of the report and assistant professor of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University.

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