Medical Aid in Dying Special Issue

Call for Papers

We invite speakers, attendees and volunteers to submit papers to be included in a special edition of Health Law in Canada which will be published in February 2016.
•   Papers for consideration to be submitted by December 15, 2015

About Health Law in Canada:
The goals of Health Law in Canada are to:
(1) increase diversity in authorship and encourage collaborations;
(2) encourage diverse readership across healthcare, legal and government/policy sectors;
(3) stimulate innovation in the health sector;
(4) ensure relevance to the health sector; and
(5) include content that is current, forward thinking and that shapes the future of health law in Canada.

We publish original legal articles and non-analytical articles including: practice-based articles; health law related news domestically and internationally; case comments related to law and health; letters to the editor; updates regarding major career changes; book reviews; and upcoming events.

HLCJ is published four times a year, in February, May, August and November. In the future, conferences or seminars may be planned with specific editions. Each publication contains approximately 32 pages (16,000 words).