Cumulative Article Index – Volume 36, Number 3

February 2016

Assisted Death: The Risks and Benefits of Tribunal Approval
Mark Handelman

Check List for Legislators: Towards A Canadian Approach to End-of-Life Choices
Gerald Chipeur, QC

Commentary: The Limits of Conscientious and Religious Objection to Physician- Assisted Dying after the Supreme Court’s Decision in Carter v. Canada
Amir Attaran

Enabling Choice: Aid in Living as a Predicate to Aid in Dying
Tom Koch

Federal and Provincial Responsibilities to Implement Physician-Assisted Suicide
David Baker, Gilbert Sharpe and Rebeka Lauks

Navigating “Assisted Dying”
Harvey Schipper

Quebec’s Medical Aid in Dying: An Inspiration for Other Canadian Jurisdictions?
Daniel Boivin and Julie Barrette

Scrupulous Monitoring of Physician- Assisted Dying: The Case for Mandatory Reporting to Coroners and Medical Examiners of All Physician-Assisted Deaths in Canada
Juliet Guichon et al.

The Carriage of Death: What Kind Does Canada Have?
Louise R. Sweatman and M. Jasmine Sweatman

Will the S.C.C.’s Decision on Physician- Assisted Death Apply to Persons Suffering from Severe Mental Illness?
Barbara Walker-Renshaw and Margot Finley