Cumulative Article Index — Volume 31

Immortal Beloved and Beleaguered: Towards the Integration of the Law on Assisted Death and the Scientific Pursuit of Life Extension
Volume 31, No. 1
Page 1
By Mary J. Shariff

Mental Health Law in Ontario: Challenges for Reform
Volume 31, No. 3
Page 65
By Alexander Simpson

A Perfection of Means, and a Confusion of Aims”: Finding the Essence of Autonomy in Assisted Death Laws
Volume 31, No. 4
Page 81
By Mary J. Shariff

Quantifying Mental and Behavioural Impairments in the Context of Catastrophic Impairment Analysis
Volume 31, No. 2
Page 53
By Dr. Brian E. Levitt

Recruiting One’s Own Patients for Research: Consent Challenges for Paediatric Physician-Researchers
Volume 31, No. 3
Page 72
By M. Da Silva, R. Zlotnik Shaul et al.

Suicide, Canadian Law, and Exit International’s “Peacefull Pill”
Volume 31, No. 2
Page 37
By Russel D. Ogden